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Tropical succulent Aloe Vera comes in over 400 varieties. Thousands of years ago, people used this short-stemmed shrub to treat rashes, burns, and irritation on their skin. The gel from Aloe Vera leaves is still used today for sunburn relief. Sunburn can be effectively treated with Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera is indeed helpful in treating mild to moderate sunburns, according to plenty of scientific evidence.

As a sunburn treatment, Aloe Vera Gel Leaf can be used as follows.

Sunburn: How Does Fresh Aloe Vera Gel Help?

There are three ways in which Aloe Vera Gel can treat sunburn:

  • Your skin will be cooled
The soothing properties of Aloe Vera provide pain relief for minor sunburns. A succulent inhibits the cyclooxygenase pathway, which produces prostaglandins from arachidonic acid.

Prostaglandins play an important role in the body’s inflammatory response. Fever, swelling, and pain are all normal responses to infection or injury caused by high levels of prostaglandins.

The Aloe Vera plant also contains bradykinase, an enzyme that helps reduce inflammation in the body. A natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent, salicylic acid, is also found in Aloe Vera Gel.

Pain can be eased and infections can be prevented with the help of this organic compound. Furthermore, salicylic acid promotes a fresher, healthier complexion by sloughing away dry or rough skin.

  • It keeps the skin hydrated

In Aloe Vera, there are mucopolysaccharides, or long chains of sugar molecules that assist the skin in keeping moisture. A gel stimulates the production of fibroblasts, which secrete collagen proteins and help form connective tissue.

There is more to the evergreen plant than just increasing collagen levels. By altering collagen composition, boosts collagen cross-linking and accelerates skin healing.

The amino acid content of Aloe Vera Gel not only helps moisturize the skin and relieve chafing but also helps prevent it from occurring. Besides reducing skin peeling, it can also speed up the healing process.

  • Heals the affected area

Studies have shown that people with first- and second-degree burns heal faster with fresh Aloe Vera Gel than with topical antibiotics. In another study, Aloe Vera Gel was found to be superior to stem-cell injections in the treatment of second-degree burns.

The active ingredients in Aloe Vera may be responsible for its healing properties. Aloe Vera contains anthraquinones, which act as anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and analgesic compounds.These compounds aid in alleviating and promoting healing when applied topically.

Vitamins A, C, and E are also present in Aloe Vera Gel. As a result of these antioxidants, free radicals do not break down the skin’s collagen, causing fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and loose skin. Additionally, antioxidants help soothe burns, promote wound healing, and protect the skin.

The Best Way to Treat Sunburn with Aloe Vera?

Fresh Aloe Vera Leaf Gel can be applied to the affected area after taking a cool shower or bath.

You should also keep in mind that Aloe Vera Gel is only effective for mild to moderate sunburns. A second-degree burn, such as one that results in open wounds or blisters, should be treated by a medical professional for proper treatment and infection prevention.

You can treat sunburn with fresh Aloe Vera Leaf Gel by following these steps:

Take a premium Aloe Vera fresh leaf, wash the leaf first and then properly extract the gel from the inside as described in the post THE PROPER WAY OF HOW TO EXTRACT FRESH ALOE VERA GEL FROM THE LEAF!

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