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Let’s bring the benefits of Aloe Vera to every home this adventure began in 2017, by two agricultural engineers when they began to consume Aloe Vera and verify its benefits. Both agronomists with experience in the agri-food sector were delighted after continuously drinking the juice squeezed from Aloe Vera leaves

from their garden for several months due to digestive problems.

The Energy that comes from nature – they were fully aware that the Aloe Vera juice supplied them with vitality and energy, but they did not know what additional benefits the Aloe Vera plant provided, so they began to study it in the laboratory.

This miraculous plant Aloe Vera plant benefits for countless ailments and strengthens the immune system, thanks to the enormous amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and polysaccharides.

About 75 active ingredients with therapeutic effects have been identified in Aloe vera gel – numerous vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and the powerful stimulant of the immune system – аloverose. The most beneficial polysaccharide for the digestive system is aloverose or acemannan.

Although the attributes of Aloe Vera gel have long been better known for its external use, we must not forget the benefits that Aloe Vera brings at the digestive and cardiovascular level, as well as for the immune system in the prevention and improvement of the overall health condition.

Aloe Vera became another food supplement in their day to day, so they started making their own juices for themselves and their friends. The response was so positive that they decided to go a step further, establishing La Vendita with a clear vision: to bring the benefits of Aloe Vera to all homes.

A few months later, Aloe Vera grew with exceptional quality and Aloe Vera juice could be delivered directly to every home.

All La Vendita products intended for internal and external use are rich with natural and organic ingredients from ALOE VERA leaves that are grown in a greenhouse always in an ecological way and being very respectful of the environment and available resources.

We believe in the quality you can trust. La Vendita ensures that every step of processing is undertaken with the highest level of care and technology, resulting in a natural food supplement without altering the properties of the Aloe Vera plant.

La Vendita natural and organic Aloe Vera products are made according to the strictest criteria of organic production in a traditional way, in cooperation with modern industry. We offer our customers healthy, natural, and organic foods as well as dietary supplements to practice a healthy lifestyle with the best technology and knowledge available!

Our customers feel confident they are getting the most beneficial wellness products because of the extra care and time we take.


La Vendita is synonymous with Highest level of purity, Concentration of Nutrients and Health!


La Vendita Aloe Vera products do not contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.


Aloe Vera leaves are grown and processed organically around natural materials and practices.

100% FRESH

Aloe Vera Juices with pulp or without pulp are obtained directly from freshly collected leaves.


Aloe Vera leaves are planted in an ecological way and being very respectful of the environment and available resources.


About 75 active constituents with therapeutic effects have been identified in Aloe vera gel – numerous vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and the powerful stimulant of the immune system – аloverose.

B GROUP 2022 DOOEL is the exclusive importer and distributor of a Spanish food supplement brand La Vendita for Macedonia and the Balkan region. The brand La Vendita offers organic and natural products suitable for both internal and external use for the entire family, classified and certified as top quality natural and organic food supplements. is an online store for healthy, organic and 100% ecological Aloe Vera products. 

La Vendita Aloe Vera products make consumer lives easier and no other product on the market offers the same features!

Our Vision

is to make organic and natural Aloe Vera premium food available to everyone, for a healthier, better quality and happier lifestyle for all our friends. It is the best way to a better future for your health!

Our Mission

Is to satisfy the needs of all our customers and fulfil their growing demands for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle using the power of nature in conjunction with the ultimate science and technology of production.

The philosophy behind B GROUP (ALOEORGANIC.MK) is to provide the best and healthiest product range with natural and organic ALOE VERA ingredients with maximum environmental respect. We care about people’s health and want to provide them with healthy, natural, organic foods without chemical involvement.

Our goal is to preserve and improve the most precious thing for all of us, which is health through the best possible combination of natural food supplements of organic origin!

Our Values

Great-tasting organic food is good for our bodies as well as the health of future generations.

People are once again seeking food that is in tune with nature’s systems – and there is no healthier, more flavorful way to enrich these foods with high-quality and premium organic Aloe Vera.

The quality of our living depends on the quality and energy value and nutritional value of the products we use in our daily life. We believe embracing organics is the key to a simply healthy way of life, and that dealing fairly with people is the key to a healthier society.

Planet-friendly, natural in approach! It’s how we live, and it’s what we believe in! It is a simple choice that makes a significant difference!

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