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Here is a healthy twist on the classic mojito that will keep you cool this summer, so grab your muddler and join the fun!

There is nothing more refreshing than a mojito made with Aloe Vera juice, mint, blackberries, and limes. With our newest recipe, Mintberry Aloe Mocktail, you can enjoy your favorite flavors!

Here's why Aloe Vera and Mocktails go well together

It can be wise to avoid or limit alcohol consumption if you want to eliminate toxins from your life. Drinking alcohol can put a strain on the liver, which is the body’s main detoxification organ, which can result in its malfunction.

Mocktails made from fresh, wholesome ingredients not only limit the toxins you put into your body but also help the body detoxify itself naturally. A mocktail like this can effectively expel toxins from the body, especially when organic and natural Aloe Vera juice is added.

Aloe Vera boosts nutrient absorption and reduces toxic byproducts of metabolism, such as ammonia and nitrates. A number of scientific studies have shown that Aloe Vera can decrease toxic levels of nitrates in the body, as well as improve nutrient metabolism.


mint, fresh

10 leaves



ice cubes

1 cup

tonic soda or soda water of choice

½ cup


½ (cut)

organic La Vendita Aloe Vera juice with pulp or without pulp


organic fresh Aloe Vera leaf gel

4 tablespoons


50 gr.

sweetener of your choice

or granulated/brown sugar

2 tablespoons


mint leaves

lime slices



serving glass, cocktail muddler

If using fresh Aloe Vera leaf gel, make sure to remove the aloin.

Take a premium Aloe Vera fresh leaf, wash the leaf first and then properly extract the gel from the inside as described in the post THE PROPER WAY OF HOW TO EXTRACT FRESH ALOE VERA GEL FROM THE LEAF!

La Vendita organic Aloe Vera juices with or without pulp are

  • made from Fresh Aloe Vera inner Leaf gel
  • it contains 200+ bioactive vital substances
  • 100% ORGANIC
  • 100% NATURAL
  • 100 % HEALTHY FOOD
  • suitable for VEGANS


Put 10 fresh mint leaves, 6-8 blackberries, and a wedge of lime into a sturdy glass and muddle. You can use a highball, cocktail glass, or even a large drinking glass. Use a wooden spoon if you don’t have a muddler to release the juices, aromas, and oils of what you’re muddling.

2 tablespoons of granulated sugar and the rest of the lime juice should be added to the glass. All the ingredients should be mashed up thoroughly to ensure they are well combined. Use alternate sweeteners including stevia, agave syrup and honey if you aren’t using granulated sugar. It will have a slight difference in taste. It will have a slight difference in taste.

Measure out 4 tablespoons of Organic La Vendita Aloe Vera juice, or 50 grams of Organic fresh Aloe Vera leaf gel. Stir gently to incorporate the ingredients into the mixture.

Once the glass is filled with ice and topped off with club soda, you’re all set. Blackberries, mint and lime are awesome garnishes!

You can infuse the flavor into the Aloe Vera juice by allowing it to sit for 15-30 minutes.

The Benefits of Aloe Vera

Do you know that most vitamins and minerals we consume in food are lost during digestion? Our bodies can benefit from Aloe Vera juice because it boosts the amount of nutrients they absorb.

There’s more to it than that. Consuming good quality Aloe Vera juice, such as La Vendita Organic Aloe Vera, will allow you to experience balanced digestion, antioxidant and immune support, as well as increased nutrient absorption. Also, it contains active compounds like vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids that help the body function properly.

La Vendita Organic Aloe Vera has a neutral flavor profile, making it ideal for smoothies and beverages. La Vendita Organic Aloe Vera juices and fresh Aloe Vera gel are all-natural, organic and preservatives free.

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