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Acne was a common problem when I was growing up, and it was often embarrassing and painful. Most of us hope acne is just a phase as we age, but skin conditions and hormones can last for years, so acne can persist well into adulthood for many people.

For thousands of years, Aloe Vera has been used to treat skin conditions, and many have praised the succulent for its ability to treat all sorts of skin conditions. Here’s a closer look at the use of Aloe Vera to treat acne and acne scarring.

How does Aloe Vera work?

Aloe plants come in over 400 varieties, but the one we are most familiar with and that offers the most benefits is Aloe Barbadensis, or Aloe Vera.

In the cosmetic and skincare industries, Aloe Vera is widely recognized as an ingredient in many products.

There is an entire industry behind Aloe Vera, including moisturizers, soap, and shaving cream that contain its insides.

As well as soothing burns, it is widely known for its soothing properties. The best way to treat minor burns is to apply fresh Aloe Vera Leaf gel directly to them.

What is the effect of Aloe Vera on acne?

A number of studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Aloe Vera Gel in treating mild to moderate acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

The gel from Aloe Vera leaves also has antimicrobial properties, which make it perfect for wound dressings.

Since Aloe Vera gel is antimicrobial, it may help reduce acne-causing bacteria in the skin and heal any lesions that may be present.

What is the best way to use fresh Aloe Vera Gel on acne?

Applied directly to the skin, fresh Aloe Vera Leaf Gel is incredibly soothing. In addition to using it alone, you can combine it with other natural remedies for acne.

Traditional acne treatments can also be made effective with Aloe Vera Gel, along with both prescription and over-the-counter acne medications.

Take a premium Aloe Vera fresh leaf, wash the leaf first and then properly extract the gel from the inside as described in the post   THE PROPER WAY OF HOW TO EXTRACT FRESH ALOE VERA GEL FROM THE LEAF!

Aloe Vera and acne scars: how does it work?

The effectiveness of Aloe Vera Gel has also been demonstrated in studies on acne scarring as well as burns and burn scarring. Applying fresh Aloe Vera gel to the skin may help to reduce acne scarring in the following ways:

Boosting the immune system. Studies have shown that Aloe Vera Gel boosts the immune response to inflammation, which can reduce scar redness.

Production of collagen and elastin. You can stimulate collagen production by applying Aloe Vera gel regularly to your skin.

Inflammation is reduced. In scarring and acne, Aloe Vera has been shown to reduce inflammation.

Acne Treatments with Aloe Vera

Fresh Aloe Vera Gel has been used to treat acne and acne scars at home in the following ways:

  • A pure and fresh Aloe Vera leaf gel
  • Using Aloe Vera leaf gel, honey, and cinnamon as a mask for the face
  • Using Fresh Aloe Vera leaf gel, coconut oil, and sugar as a face scrub
  • Fresh Aloe Vera leaf gel and water in a standalone face spray 
  • Fresh Aloe Vera leaf gel and lemon face mask 
  • Fresh Aloe Vera leaf gel and baby oil in a face cream 
  • Applying Fresh Aloe Vera leaf gel and apple cider vinegar to your face 

Is there any side effect to using Aloe Vera?

Natural Aloe Vera should have few to no side effects unless you’re allergic, so make sure you patch-test your wrist first before using it on your face.

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